“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”  ― Henry Ford
Quality is a passion for every Konnet team member. Achieving sustained quality improvement requires commitment from the entire organization, top management to all employees.
In our endeavor for continuous organization quality improvement Konnet is
ISO 2001 Certified
Crisil Rated – SE-2A

Company Overview

Our satisfied, growing clientele is a testament to the reliability and efficacy that our products & solutions bring to the table. Konnet group of companies provides innovative, quality products and solutions to it’s clients in Networking, Electronic security & Video Analytics.
Konnet is a group of 3 companies Konnet Solutions, Konnet ViAn and Konnet Intersec.


Konnet intends to create end-to-end products and solutions which would add intelligence to the security and automation processes, resulting in significant improvements in the safety of life and property.
We believe that Video and all related technologies will see an exponential demand in the near future. With video content increasing, tools that can sift through and detect and identify objects in video will be crucial.
A few years down the line, we visualize ourselves to be one of the leading technology companies, with a human touch; a company which contributes to making this planet a greener, safer and easier place to live.


  • Develop an organisation which believes in values and is fair and just in all the tasks and operations. ‘Human resources’ is the strength of the organisation.
  • Provide technologically advanced, quality products and solutions to customers. Care for the customer; his problems are ours.
  • Provide the best support services. Complete Customer satisfaction has to be ensured first time, every time.
  • Make Quality an inherent aspect of the system. Commit to consistently deliver high-quality products and services
  • Every relationship must be nurtured - with colleagues, customers and with suppliers.