• This is the command and control application for all ANPR engine devices like ANX
  • Maintain database of captured images with date/time stamp
  • Maintain database of recognized (OCR) numbers (from ANPR Engine)
  • Display captured image and OCR data
  • Manual editing facility for un-clear/ fancy numbers with displayed image
  • Vehicle classification based on color detection (day time)
  • Validation of vehicle number against registered number plates
  • Real time alerts
  • Live view of ANPR at all connected locations
  • GUI for remote device configuration
  • Centralised configuration and monitoring of ANPR Engines
  • Vehicle Registration management of authorized/ unauthorized/ hot listed vehicles
  • User creation with Privileges / User authentication
  • Real time statistics
  • Functional Reports of vehicle statistics
  • Operating System – Windows Server 2012
  • Database – MS SQL
Configuration Rules management
Detection and recognition rule configuration Setting of detection areas and virtual line of crossing
Setting of Entry and Exit direction
User Management
Privileges Admin is allowed to configure rules and create users with privileges
Authentication Password authentication for users
Vehicle Registration
Database of vehicles Allows addition of vehicles in database with appropriate access type, e.g. Allow for authorized, Stop for unauthorized, Stop for suspicious, Allow for VIP
Access categories Allows definition of access categories and the action to be taken
ANPR monitoring
Live view Live view of vehicle entry point 24X7
Event notification Image captured, number plate detection and recognition, date and time logging with validation of registered vehicles
Event reports Customized report generation
Search and Reports
By vehicle number plate Extracts a report of entries of the number plate in the database
By date and time Extracts a report of entries in the database within the duration specified
By location with a specified date and time Extracts a report of all vehicles that have entered the location
System Statistics
Average Memory (storage per vehicle record) SQL 7KB
Average Memory (storage per vehicle record) Local Storage 120KB
Typical Memory for 5000 Records per day per lane (1 video stream) for 30 days 20GB
Server (for 100 ANPR video streams) Xeon E5 with 8 cores@3 GHz
Minimum 16 GB RAM
4TB HDD for image storage for 30 days
IP Network LAN setup for ANX/Edge computing device and SIM_SERVER
Camera connected to ANX/Edge computing device
Software .NET framework 4.0 or higher
Windows Server 2012
All cameras with rtsp support / Camera SDK libraries to interface with camera
MS SQL Server 2012