Internet Security

The Internet has provided the ability to connect any computer, anywhere, to any other computer, anywhere. It is great fun to surf the vast internet visiting one website after another (effectively connecting with one computer after another) in search of useful information, entertainment, connecting people, and doing a variety of things. However, any computer or device connected to the Internet that is not properly protected is vulnerable to a variety of malicious intrusions and attacks. Unified Threat Management (UTM) - This is a form of network security that is a part of the evolution of a firewall. UTM includes the function of a firewall and has other features such as network intrusion prevention, content filtering, load balancing, gateway antivirus and on-appliance reporting. Network security protects the usability, reliability, integrity, and safety of your network and data. Effective network security targets a variety of threats and stops them from entering or spreading on your network. With network security in place, your company will experience many business benefits. Your company is protected against business disruption, which helps keep employees productive. Network security helps your company meet mandatory regulatory compliance. Ultimately, network security helps protect a business's reputation, which is one of its most important assets. With our team of domain experts, you can rely on us for the security of your network and data.


Virtualization technology is possibly the single most important issue in IT and has started a top to bottom overhaul of the computing industry. The growing awareness of the advantages provided by virtualization technology is brought about by economic factors of scarce resources, government regulation, and more competition. Virtualization is being used by a growing number of organizations to reduce power consumption and air conditioning needs and trim the building space and land requirements that have always been associated with server farm growth. Virtualization also provides high availability for critical applications, and streamlines application deployment and migrations. Virtualization can simplify IT operations and allow IT organizations to respond faster to changing business demands. Do contact us our virtualisation team will set it up for you as we also maintain it !

IPv6 Migration

Network administrators will soon be forced to migrate to IPv6. This is due to not only technology moving forward into a new standard, but the fact that the number of IPv4 addresses is nearly exhausted. It is only a matter of time before the change is mandatory to maintain Internet connectivity. However, this is not a common migration. There are scans to do, information to gather, and plans to make, among other tasks. In addition, for the best result, an organization needs to go through these tasks together. There will be unexpected problems, and a long list of concerns from everyone involved, but experience shows that most of the tasks will fall to the network administrator and the IT team. Not everyone is an expert on technical matters, nor should they be expected to be. As IT professionals however, it does become our responsibility to use our expertise effectively so that the entire migration is done seamlessly.